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JV Basketball


Back to Back Championships for the JV Boys!

As Charles Dickens once said in a Tale of Two Cities, “It was the worst of times it was the best of times”. That pretty much summed up the game. The Cougars had a difficult first half (Worst of times) only scoring 10 points, missing 10 free throws, and allowing 26 points scored. Things looked bleak at half time trailing the #1 seed Howard by 16 points. However there are two halves to every game and what goes around comes around. The Cougars game out in the 3rd quarter ready to play. The JV Boys scored the first 8 points of the 3rd quarter closing the gap to an 18-26 score. Howard called a time out and tried to regroup however the Cougars would fight until the last second of the game. Believe was the mantra and believe they did and by the end of the 3rd quarter (Thanks to last second 3 point shot by Larry Orsini) the Cougars only trailed by 7 points. The 4th quarter was amazing. Howard played tough and fought hard and were able to increase their lead to 10 points with only 2:40 left in the game. Believe! Then with 1:50 left the game the Cougars were down by 8 with a 34-42 score. However the Cougars still believed and were able to score the next 10 points in the game (Two amazing 3 pointers from Larry Orsini, an incredible put back by Jeffrey Betts, a big steal by Shane Hendrickson, and an unbelievable game winning shot by Lucas Hoffman) taking their first lead 44-42 with just seconds left.  Howard was able to squeeze in 1 last point but it wasn’t enough to beat the Mighty Cougars and their historic come back. “It was the best of times.” Game over!!! The JV Boys win!!!!

*Coach Brett and Coach Hector said that this was team victory! We would like to thank Lucas Hoffman, Parker Dement, Larry Orsini, Jeffrey Betts, Sasha Torri, Shane Hendrickson, Roman Lawlor, Alex Hoeve, Dalton Lantz, Denis Ribot, Carter Hall, Joseph Matsumoto, Eric Vogel, Colton Parks, David Flamini, Michael Britton, Tommy Ingle, DJ Donaldson, Sammy Ibrahim, Jackson Hurst (Manager) Julia Baumohl, and Meredith Gafford(Clock Keeper).