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Boys Varsity Basketball

Cougars Begin New Chapter!

So with 14ppg back from last season (Harris=10, Brett=3, & DJ=1), JV guys (Larry, Shane, Jeffrey, Parker, & Carter) who have yet to experience varsity talent, and most importantly a team that has not played together yet on offense or defense; you may ask…how bad did it go last night!? Can you give us a few positive things to build on for next year? Those are the two questions I would have asked.


We played Friendship Christian first, who lost a close game to host Brandon Hall the game before, in this three team round robin summer camp experience. They had two big guys and a bunch of quick guards. Down 10-24 in the first half, the Cougars settled in and made somewhat of a comeback with hot shooting from Captain Menetre and some transition layups from Larry Orsini. Then down 24-27, Harris stole a long pass to the wing and took off on a fast break. Since his freshman year, his goal was to dunk in a game before he graduates, as it is for many kids (only two have done it in TCS history-AJ Farrar and Marquis Victor). After 2 hard years of working out and practicing this passion, he started dunking last season in practice but never in a game. Here is a picture of what can happen if you believe you can do something and work for it with all you got!


For some reason, coaches are big on calling timeouts to fuss at their kids when someone dunks, so no different here! We then go on a run and the game stays close until the final minute. Cougars lose by about 8 points but here is the kicker…the boys scored 50 points in their first game together, learning a completely new offense, with a the largest summer turnaround since 2006. Suroy and I cannot be more proud.

Game 2: After a ten minute break, we took on Brandon Hall, which was going to be even a tougher contest as they had more experienced and polished players, who can also shoot from the outside. Sure enough, defensively, we are not even close to ready for this as we lost by over 20 points but once again, we were able to score 42 points.

To give you something to think about…Our varsity boys, with 10 seniors and Kia and Harrison who lead us in scoring scored 48 points per game (one of our highest in school history-actually). In two running clock games, this new bunch put up 46 points per game. Now…before we get ahead of ourselves, we are so far away from matching last year’s team in many areas and summer camp games are never as tough mentally or physically but…to walk on the floor for the first time together with just 14 points off of last year’s team and doing a walk through practice for 25 minutes before the games; Suroy and I couldn’t be more surprised and excited that the 2017-2018 varsity team may prove to many as a stronger team then, even their coaches felt could be possible.


Game Notes:

Harris Menetre led the team in points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, and turnovers (he’s mentally strong enough now to handle this).

Brett Boyles was much stronger, more balanced, and quicker than 3 months ago and did well. His scoring will improve this summer once our teams offensive cohesiveness improves.

DJ Watts (1 point per game last season) added 12 points the first game and 6 in the second. He also added some blocked shots and key rebounds.

Larry Orsini did most of his scoring in the first game but played strong defensively and made some great passes to lead his teammates to score or get good shots off.

Shane Hendrickson also added valuable defense and moved the ball well offensively. He included a nice driving made basket with the foul.

Carter Hall snagged a few boards, had a couple of steals, and learned how physical the varsity level can be.

Jeffrey Betts outmuscled some big boys for some boards and scored a couple baskets.

Parker DeMent banged around with the trees in the paint and moved the ball well on offense gathering a few assists with kick-out passes to his shooters.


Go Cougars!

Suroy and Richie