MS Junior Cougars Cougars Claim “Golden Egg” in Eagles Nest

Our MS Junior Cougars traveled to Sophia Academy for the APAC Championship to take on the Sophia Academy Eagles in a rematch of last year’s epic APAC championship game. Our Cougars worked long and hard all season to reach this game with a little revenge on their minds.

Our Young Cougars were seeking to finish the season on a high note by winning the Championship game against Sophia Academy on their home court. Once again, like last year, there was a size advantage in Sophia’s favor. However, the Cougars were determined to let the Eagles know this game was not going to be easy.

Our boys started slowly with the Eagles jumping out to a 4-0 lead. Our Cougars buckled down on defense, lead by the hard working Dillon Hall, Alex “Murphy” Husnik, and Tyler Kimble. Kia Smith chipped in with a few early blocked shots to let them know scoring inside wasn’t going to be easy. The offense started to kick in gear when Tyler stepped up and drained a three. This seemed to have energized the team as the Cougars went on a 13-0 run with several outlet passes to Charlie Lo to pace our scoring. Our Cougars led at the half 20-15.

The second half saw several adjustments made by both teams, but our offense bogged down, allowing the Eagles to climb back into the game. Our boys led by 1 point, 22-21, closing in on the 2 minute mark of the fourth quarter. A timeout was called to gather the team and encourage them to keep playing hard and don’t be afraid of the moment. Well, Charlie Lo took this message to heart and turned in a performance of the ages over that two-minute span with several steals on defense and crisp finishing lay ups off those steals. That kind of performance would make Michael Jordan proud as Charlie “willed” his team to victory and the APAC crown! The final score 36-24 in favor of the Cougars!

Contributions were made by Zach Guttman, Garrett Robertson, Carter Hall, DJ Watts, Jeremiah Sella, Alex Egan, and Chad Tramonte as they all stepped on the court to make an impact on offense and defense with their great hustle. We could have never reached this game without everyone committing to the team philosophy. Unfortunately Sam Gidley and Ethan Brown were unable to attend, but were with us in spirit. A big thanks to Team Manager Sydney Gordon for making the trip to come take stats and cheer on the team.

We are very proud of these student athletes for securing the APAC title and becoming the first ever TCS middle school boy’ basketball team to win such an honor.

Also, want to take a moment to thank each and every parent for all their support this season. Kudos to Brenda Hall for stepping up to be Team Mom. As for Lauren English, I couldn’t be more grateful to have her as an assistant coach to help keep things running smoothly.

Proud Cougar Coaches

John and Lauren