Counseling Corner

Welcome Cottage School Parents and Students!

Counseling Corner is designed to assist with questions parents/students may have about preparing for Post-Secondary options: ACT or SAT registration and accommodations, post-secondary programs, and resources for scholarships for college. At The Cottage School, the high school counseling team works closely with students beginning in ninth grade to investigate students’ post-secondary ideas. Each student’s post-secondary goals are discussed annually in the IEP, and the Academic and Career Counselors work closely with seniors, assisting them with college/job applications and scholarship applications. The Counseling team strives to provide hands-on assistance for TCS students and hopes that Counseling Corner will enhance that guidance by providing resources and information will be helpful to parents and students as they continue on their paths to success, after graduation from The Cottage School.

ACT/SAT Registration Information

Admissions Requirements for Colleges that TCS students Attend

Transition/Learning Support/Alternative Post-Secondary Programs

  • Where do TCS students go to college?

Websites to search for Scholarships to college

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