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ES/MS Track & Field

While the Varsity Cougars were enjoying a dominant performance at the AAC yesterday, the JV group took their talents inside the perimeter to challenge their might against the powerhouses of AIS, St. Francis, Museum, Davis and the rest of the schools making up the 13 teams and nearly 300 competitors.  Not letting the numbers (or sizes for that matter) intimidate them, the Cougars proved to be small yet mighty in a few events! On the field, our bread and butter this season, lady cougars Grace Williams and Bella Aparicio flung their discuses for 7th (37’4”) and 10th (35’7”) finishes respectively.  While the track events had proven to be our most challenging thus far in the season, our runners showed that they would not be ignored and pushed themselves to places in three different events! In the 200-meter dash, Matthew Denatale placed 3rd with a 30.96 second time! Stretching out a little bit in the 400-meter dash, Camden Michaud’ 1:10 time proved good enough to get him 8th place.  The last notable finisher, Nathan Dunbar, WOULD have seen a 6th place finish in the 1600-meter Run with his 5:45 run HOWEVER his finish was not recorded and thus he ran for pure enjoyment.  That finish, had it been recorded, would have given the boys an 8th place team finish but they will be happy with their 8th.  While some of the runners did not place in the top 10 in their events, that does not reflect on the effort, attitude, and fun that we witnessed at the meet.  The most important take-away, in this coach’s opinion, was the fact that each of the students had a blast and gave their all.  If you see ANY of these runners be sure to congratulate them on a well done season


Coach Stephen