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Cougars win 2017 AAC Championship!

The Cottage School Cougars gave what was widely considered their best performance of the season in the AAC championship game vs Mill Springs.  The defending conference champs took the field at Howard and were motivated for another title from the start of the game. 

The first six shots of the game came from TCS, with the Cougars dominating possession and showing off crisp passing and shots that were nearly always on goal.  Eventually the breakthrough came with senior DJ Watts scoring the opener.  The crowd was immensely supportive throughout and grew louder as the team edged closer to the title.  

Future tournament MVP Larry Orsini added another goal early as the Cougars took control.  Larry has had a historic season for the Cougars, leading the team and conference in goals and assists.  It was truly another dominating performance from a player who has shown leadership and humility at a young age.  He would end the half with four goals, none from penalties.  It would not be hyperbolic to call his season legendary.  He and senior Harris Menetre worked the sideline all game and were fed by Maria, Roman and Dalton.    Roman added another goal for his second of the season.

Maybe the story of the game was the evolution of the defense, led by an extraordinary performance from Elijah Joiner and Murphy Husnik.   The defense improved during practice and put the work into action, holding Mill Springs to one goal in the half.   Shane Hendrickson showed great focus in goal and played through some pain, shutting Mill Springs down in an inspired performance. 

At half, the team shared impassioned speeches among each other and were determined to hold the lead.  In the second half, the defense did just that.   Mill Springs added one goal late as Zev Fine, Colton Parks and Mitchell Starks came in as subs to seal the win.  

“We played a great game, the focus was there and all the work we did was for this moment.  I’m really proud.  Back to back champions!” Coach Hector said after the victory.   The coaches are grateful for all the hard work from the players and support from Coach Richie and the tremendous support from our parents.   What an inspiring and memorable season.

Go Cougars! !

 “The real champions are those who push through hard days and fight for being a champion again”

-Wayne Rooney

Coaches Hector and Tom