The Cottage School

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High School

The Cottage School is a unique educational setting that addresses the total student from middle school through high school graduation. By providing a balanced blend of academic and experiential programming, students acquire a strong sense of their individual skill set and develop the confidence to venture into areas of academics, athletics, and social interaction that, in the past, may have seemed beyond their reach. Transitioning from middle school into high school can be difficult for most students, and TCS has a blueprint in place to address this important time in a student’s life. Through the structured approach that has been developed since the school’s inception, each student is provided with an opportunity to experience success in whatever areas of strength they possess, while learning strategies to develop skills that may need strengthening. 

TCS provides a comprehensive academic college preparatory curriculum that meets Georgia high school graduation standards and HOPE scholarship requirements. Small class sizes accommodate various learning styles and allow for tailored instruction. Experiential classes and clubs, which make for a well-rounded education, could include drama, computer literacy, yoga, chess, photography, journalism/yearbook, Interact, art, horseback riding, mountain biking, bowling, weight training and culinary skills. TCS’ athletic program offers a wide range of sports and provides opportunities to develop a positive competitive spirit, learn self-discipline, and foster teamwork and sportsmanship.  The school’s time management system, two-week assignments that enable students to engage in short-term planning, and a task feedback system teach students the value of a job well done. Graduation requirements include an approved post-secondary plan.

“TCS didn’t only prepare me for college, it prepared me for life” stated Marquis V., 2014 TCS graduate.

For admissions information, contact Brenda Hall, Director of Admissions, via email  or by phone at 678-250-5106. 

Grading Scale:   

A    90 – 100

B    80 – 89

C    70 – 79

F      0 – 69

The Cottage School meets Georgia state standards for graduation, requiring a minimum of 23 credits.  The Cottage School individualizes a curriculum plan to reflect each student’s abilities and interests.  Curriculum guideline is as follows:

Graduation Requirements:

English:  Four units of English Language Arts, including one unit of 9th Literature/Composition and one unit of American Literature

Mathematics:  Four units of Mathematics

Science:  Four units of Science, including one unit of Biology, one unit of Physical Science, two choice units of Physics, one unit of Chemistry, Environmental Science, Anatomy or Oceanography & Forensic Science

Social Science:  Three units of Social Studies, including one unit of World History, one unit of U.S. History, ½ unit of American Government, and ½ unit of Economics

World Language/Computer Tech and/or Career Development:  Two units total from World Language, Career Technical or Career Development

Fine & Performing Arts:  One unit

Health/Physical Education:  1/2 unit of each

Electives:  Four additional elective units, vary by semester but may include:

Driver Education
ACT/SAT Test Prep
Study Skills
Body Sculpting
History of Rock Music and Literature
Culinary Arts
Low Ropes
Team Building Horseback Riding
Experiential Art
Rock Climbing
Personal Fitness

Clubs: vary by semester but may include:

Promo Arts
Outdoor Adventure
Student Council
Dorm Cooking