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MS Volleyball

Yesterday the JV Lady Cougars had their last home game of the season. They played once again against Atlanta International School and crushed them! The JV Lady Cougars are growing as athletes in each game they play. We were very lucky to have Richie around for our home game. He announced our team and the ladies had a lot of fun waving and dancing for the crowd as their name was called. We also had a surprise visit from the middle school soccer team. Thanks gentlemen for coming out to support JV Volleyball.

Once again our fearless leader Izzy won the coin toss and we got to serve first. The first game flew by as the Lady Cougars served one ball after another over the net. Bella, Allie, Katie, and Anna had multiple serves over the net and of course Grace was hard to stop. She alone got the Cougars 8 points in the first game with just her serves. Every Cougar got the ball over the net at least once yesterday whether during serving time or bumping it back to the opposing team. We won the first set 25-15.

The second game was a great learning experience for our ladies. We struggled calling the ball and many girls started to get frustrated that we were losing so many points because no one was going for the ball. However they worked through their frustration and we eventually were able to serve again (after a major point deficit). We tried hard but we could not come back and we lost our second match 15-25. However a major highlight of the second game is that Alaina (one of our elementary students) served the ball over the net!!!!! It was awesome!

Our final match the girls were ready for the win and they came out fighting. Once again serve after serve went over the net. Finley was on fire. Her serves were beautiful and well placed. The other team couldn’t keep up. After a quick game we won the match 15-8. Thank you everyone who made it out to the gym to support JV. We appreciate you!