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MS Basketball

Cougars Cruise Past Conference Foe Waldorf for an Easy Victory

The date:  November 7, 2017

This group of Cougars traveled to what I like to call south South Carolina (actually Decatur) to take on a team that I, as the MS coach, have yet to beat in my 4 years here, Waldorf. 

The game started with both teams matching each other point for point.  The Cougars managed to outscore Waldorf in the first period, despite Waldorf’s huge height advantage (3 players as tall as me).                    End of the 1st - Cougars 8  Waldorf 6

The 2nd period started with both teams making defensive stop after defensive stop.  The Cougars were outscored this period 5 to 4 but still managed to lead at the half.

Halftime -  Cougars 12   Waldorf 11

The 3rd period is where the Cougars won this game.  They came out of the half on fire.  Three Cougars  each scored five points apiece in this quarter.  They also played their best defense of the year and were able to outscore Waldorf 15 to 5.

End of the 3rd - Cougars 27  Waldorf 16

The 4th period was a chance for some new Cougars to get a chance to play and for the experienced Cougars to shut the opposing team down, which they did.  It was also a chance for Waldorf to see what it feels like to lose for a change. 

FINAL SCORE    Cougars 32   Waldorf 20

Game notes:  Leading scorers      

Andrew Dorsey  10pts   

Conner Hogue   9 pts                                                                                     

Alex Hogg    8 pts

Austin Schwartz   3 pts

Grant Osgood    2 pts Next games: 

Today vs Cumberland Academy (Cougar Center) 3:30 (B) & 4:30 (A)

 Your Coaches,

Casey, Lauren and Christina