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Middle School

Middle School is a time of great change and growth for students. They are shifting from children to young adults, experiencing physical and mental transformations, and feeling the effects of increasing hormones. Add learning difficulties to the mix, and you have a very puzzling developmental stage for young adolescents.   Students with ADHD possess an immense amount of energy, and concentrating on schoolwork can be a challenge. This is where The Cottage School Middle School’s positive learning environment can make a huge impact on your child’s learning experience.

TCS follows Fulton County Curriculum, employs small class sizes for optimal learning, and balances academics with afternoon experiential classes in which students can expend their energy developing their creative side.  Project-based learning experiences combine academics, communication skills and creative expression, and instill a sense of teamwork and accomplishment.  Social skills classes, sports, clubs and field trips support students in developing appropriate means of communication and interaction and, as a result,  self-esteem improves.

The Middle School Staff is dedicated to facilitating the growth of the total student…academically, mentally, physically, and socially.  Teachers take the time to identify each student’s learning style, therefore teaching according to their individual strengths.  The result is a well-rounded teen who is more confident, more capable, and more prepared to take on High School and post-secondary opportunities

We welcome you to visit The Cottage School Middle School in action. Be prepared to see busy, involved students at their most important job of their young years: learning. Not only book learning, but learning about who they are, what they do best, and what needs improving.

For admissions information, contact Brenda Hall, Director of Admissions, via email  or by phone at 678-250-5106. 

In addition to the Middle School core-curriculum, the following electives and clubs are offered:

Myths and Legends
Rock Climbing
History of Sports
Modern Exercise
Computer Literacy
Study Skills

Hiking Club
Book Club
Student Council
Pond and Landscaping Club
Survivor Club
American Sign Language
Trivia Club
Collage Art
Classic TV
Sports Club
Board Games and Hobbies