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Congratulations Varsity Tennis Team.  I can’t believe our season is over.  I want to take this time to thank each of your for allowing me the opportunity to coach, encourage and support your athlete during the season.  Thank you to each of the parents for sending in snacks and keeping our athletes hydrated during matches.  I know the athletes appreciated it as much as I do.  I have seen incredible growth this year.  We have had athletes with no experience win plates for their demonstration of skill and drive to win.  We have won matches without a full team.  We won Championships in individual play.  They have worked together to improve. I hope they will continue to play for TCS in the coming years.  It is bitter sweet to say good bye to Sasha Torri.  I know he will continue to play tennis and achieve success as he graduates from TCS in the coming weeks. 

I want to recap the AAC Tournament.  Wednesday, April 25, 2018, the Varsity Tennis Team traveled to Roswell Area Park to compete in the AAC Tennis Championship Tournament.  All our athletes were able to participate in either singles, double or both.  It was a great day.  Natalie Yager was able to defeat her first opponent 8-3.  She played in the Championship round and earned the Runner Up Plate (2nd place) her first year on the team.  We congratulate all her effort and improvement this season.  Way to go, Natalie!!! 

Next, our boys each played in singles matches.  Jason Donaldson, Dustin Bartolome-Behrens, and Andrew Dorsey each played their hearts out, however, sadly were eliminated in the first round of matches.  Sasha Torri defeat not only his first opponent 8-0, he defeated his second opponent 8-4 and defeated his third opponent 8-5 to win the Championship for Boys Singles.  Our doubles matches were played between singles with Donaldson and Bartolome-Behrens as partners and Torri and Dorsey as partners.  Donaldson and Bartolome-Behrens were defeated in their first round of matches.  Both boys worked hard and improvement in their game was visible to all that watched.  Torri and Dorsey defeated their first set of opponents with a score of 8-2. They played for the Championship in the next round and unfortunately, were not able to create a win.  They did earn Runner Up (2nd place) in their first year together as a team.  Please congratulate Sasha on his Singles Championship Victory and celebrate Sasha and Andrew on their Doubles win.  Way to go, boys!!!  I could not be prouder of all their efforts this season.

Once again, thank you for a wonderful season.  Go Cougars!

All the Best,

Jennie Meredith